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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) originated in China over 2000 years ago and has recently been practiced throughout the Western World.

TCM has two main components consisting of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine. Both treatments aim to heal the body in truly holistic and natural way.

Acupuncture theory tells us that Qi (vital energy) runs through meridians (pathways) in the body. When Qi becomes stagnated or a blockage occurs in one or more of the meridians, pain and/or illness can be experienced.

With the insertion of fine needles into Acupuncture points throughout the body, blockages and stagnation can be dispersed and balance and harmony can be restored.

It is often used as an adjunct to other treatment modalities carried out by our therapists at The Old Pit Practice, such as manipulation and soft tissue mobilization. It is an excellent tool for pain relief.